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Eco-Friendly Lanyards.
Item #:D215001
Product:2 cm Recycled RPET Lanyards
100% Recycled RPET Material
Material:100% Recycled PET
Size: 2 cm wide x (80+20) cm long
Item Descriptions:Recycled lanyard made of PET
(Polyethylene Terephthalate)
material, with plastic
buckel(Att-10-A), metal snap
hook(Att-5), and mobile phone
loop(Att-15). It reaches the
goal of using the material
again and reducing the trash
and burden to the earth!
HS Code:56090000
Packing:500 pcs in a carton of 50(W) * 40(H) * 35(D) cm with gross weight of 10 kgs
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