Best buy tubular lanyards with safety lock!
Item #:D201008
Product:Business Identical Lanyards with Safety Lock
Polyester Lanyards with swivel hook for holing business identical cards or with company name printed on the lanyards. And a safety lock on the neck position for safety reason.
Material:Polyester (Tetoron)
Size: 1 cm wide x 90 cm long
Item Descriptions:Polyester (Tetoron) Webbing Strap with Nickel Plated Snap Hooks (Att-5) fixed with metal cramp. Safety lock A on the neck position will break away under a certain pulling strength to prevent any dangerous grasping of the lanyards. Logo made by silk-screen printing.
HS Code:5609000000
Packing:1000 pcs in a carton of 39(W) * 39(H) * 34(D) cm with gross weight of 15 kgs