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Simple and clever design by soft ribbon mobile hand strap with 3M double sided adhesive tape on the backside is easy to install and suitable for most smart phone case. You can adjust the ribbon to the best slack for your hand to hold the phone. With this ribbon hand strap, it not only provides security and stability while one-handed holding or checking the phone but also makes people's lives easier.
Item #:D275005
Product:Ribbon Hand Strap For Smartphones
Satin ribbon with 3M double sided tape on both ends
Size: 1 x 35 cm
Item Descriptions:Soft satin ribbon with well-
known 3M double
sided tape on both ends which
ensure the safety of the phone
while gripping it.

Easy to install...
1. Stick one end of the strap to
the inside of the phone case
2. Go through the top hole,
down to the back side, and go
through another hole in the
3. Stick the end on the inside of
the phone case as first step

It's suitable for most type of
smartphone cases.
HS Code:
Packing:3000 pcs in a carton of 42(W) * 39(H) * 33(D) cm with gross weight of 10.5 kgs
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