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It's a convenient way to carry and protect bottles. Easy to clean and hand washable.
Old item No.: D408007
Item #:D2AE007
Product:Two Bottles Wine Bag
with considerate carrying handle
Material:3.0 MM Neoprene
Size: 240 mm (W) x 380 mm (H)
Item Descriptions:Made of neoprene (wetsuit
material) will maintain beverage
temperature for few hours.
Available for two 750ml or
1000ml wine, champagne, and
beverage bottles. Printing
slogan or logo to boost your
marketing campaign

HS Code:42029090927
Packing:50 pcs in a carton of 55(W) * 38(H) * 23(D) cm with gross weight of 8.1 kgs
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