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custom-made and freedom in designs for Acrylic badge with our advance technology by laser cutting and UV digital CMYK printing
Item #:D220003A
Product:Acrylic badge lanyard - silk-screen model - white
Basic Promotion lanyard 25 mm wide with perfect look acrylic badge-big
Material:Polyester + Acrylic
Size: 25 mm wide x (80+10) cm long
Item Descriptions:Polyester (Tetoron) Webbing strap, 2.5 cm wide x 90 cm long to fit your logo, with Nickle Plated metal snap hook (Att-5) simply function and white acrylic badge in big size & shape to fit your CMYK logo, 1 colors logo by silk-screen printing for your simple logo on 1 side of lanyard
HS Code:5609000000
Packing:600 pcs in a carton of 65(W) * 35(H) * 29(D) cm with gross weight of 20 kgs