Polyester short lanyard with standard 7 shape matt silver carabiner hook attached
Item #:D223002A
Product:6CM Carabiner Hooks with Printed Short Lanyard
Polyester short lanyard with carabiner hook and key ring at both ends
Material:Aluminum, Polyester (Tetoron), Metal
Size: 2 x 8cm
Item Descriptions:Old ID#: AANPH-03
2 x 8cm folded long polyester (tetoron) webbing lanyard, with 6cm (available size in 4cm~8cm) 7 shape carabiner hook on one end, and 30mm diameter splitring at the other end, with 1 color logo by silk-screen printing on the single side of the lanyard.
HS Code:56090000
Packing:1000 pcs in a carton of 34(W) * 30(H) * 26(D) cm with gross weight of 15 kgs