woven reflective yarns are more durable for long-term use.
Item #:D209003
Product:Dual Reflective Yarns Lanyard
Polyester Lanyards in 2.0cm Wide with woven reflective yarns on both edges for your safety and the most popular attachments combination for Daily-USE
Size: 2cm wide 90cm long
Item Descriptions:Polyester (Tetoron) Webbing Strap with Dual reflective thread/yarn (not 3M) woven into the 2 edges, with Nickel plated snap hook (Att-5), plastic detachable buckle(Att-10A) and safety breakaway (Safety lockA) on position of back neck when wearing, 1 colors by Silk-Screen Printing on 1 Side.
HS Code:56090000
Packing:1000 pcs in a carton of 65(W) * 35(H) * 29(D) cm with gross weight of 24 kgs