To show your business card with protection from being damaged or bending.
Item #:D233003
Product:92 mm (W) X 58 (H) mm Rigid Plastic Badge Holders
Fit 90 mm (W) x 54 mm (H) Cards, Both Horizontal & Vertical Style!
Size: 92 mm (W) X 58 (H) mm
Item Descriptions:Made of solid white ABS injected material to display business name cards. Can be horizontal or vertical style for cards be loaded. With 2 claws on the edges to keep the card fixed well. Possibly to be combined with a safety pin on the back side or with 1-1.5 cm wide lanyard. to Old ID#.: HP-04-014
HS Code:39269090908
Packing:800 pcs in a carton of 42(W) * 40(H) * 17(D) cm with gross weight of 7 kgs