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A popular and easy-to-use item for any outdoor event like picnics or concerts!
Item #:D247003
Product:Rain Hat Lanyard
Polyester lanyard with an easy-to-use 190T Polyester hood
Material:Polyester/Tetoron + 190T Polyester
Size: 2 x (36+10+5+5)cm
Item Descriptions:Polyester lanyard connected with a 190T polyester hood/hat by 2 plastic breakaway buckles (safety lock-B), a black plastic detachable buckle (Att-10A), and a metal snap hook in nickel plating is also attached at the end to hang your personal belongings like a mobile phone, card, etc. A zipper is sew for your convenience. Roll in the hood! Zip it! You are so ready to go! Your logo will be printed by silk-screen printing.
HS Code:56090000
Packing:300 pcs in a carton of 48(W) * 42(H) * 48(D) cm with gross weight of 14.5 kgs