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To show your ID with protection from being damaged or bending.
Item #:D233001
Product:91 mm (W) X 69 (H) mm Rigid Plastic Badge Holders
Fit 87 mm (W) x 54 mm (H) Cards, Horizontal Style!
Size: 91 mm (W) X 69 (H) mm
Item Descriptions:Made of semi-transparent plastic ABS injected material to display ID cards. Possibly fit for credit cards also. Horizontal style for cards be side-loaded. With one oval and 2 round slots on top for being fastened with a clip or hooks. Thumb notch on the back side for easily moving the card inward and outward. Assembed with pull reels to add more fuctions to quick pass. Product with branded printing logo is possible! Old ID#.: HP-04-008
HS Code:39269090908
Packing:1000 pcs in a carton of 52(W) * 21(H) * 41(D) cm with gross weight of 0 kgs