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Item #:D241003
Product:Ski Carrying Holders
3.2cm wide Tetoron Lanyards with 2.2cm Satin Ribbon Stitched on, with 2 parts of Binders at both ends
Material:Polyester (Tetoron)
Size: 3.2cm wide x (115+19)cm long
Item Descriptions:Polyester (Tetoron) Webbing Strap in Twilled, 3.2cm wide x (115+19)cm long, with Satin Robbon 2.2cm wide x (115+19)cm long Stitched, with Plastic Loop connecting long strap and short strap, with Plastice Adjustable Loop on the long strap, with Velcro binders at both ends, 2 colors by Silk-Screen Printing on the satin ribbon.
HS Code:56090000
Packing:500 pcs in a carton of 65(W) * 35(H) * 29(D) cm with gross weight of 21.5 kgs