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Broad width catches high notices on your advertised info!
Item #:D267001F
Product:Broad Reflective Slap Bracelet - 4 x 40 cm
Reflective Vinyl PVC Slap Bracelet
Material:Reflective PVC Vinyl + Steel + Velvet
Size: 4 x 40 cm
Item Descriptions:Silver-white reflective PVC on the front side and a layer of black velvet on the back side. With a steel plate embedded inside. Broad 4 cm size makes your logo and bracelet highly noticed. Silk-screen or Off-set printed logo are welcome!
HS Code:39269091200
Packing:1000 pcs in a carton of 46(W) * 43.5(H) * 17.6(D) cm with gross weight of 25 kgs
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